July 4, 2004  Jernie Corporation announces the release of ACC-1 Arcade Crane Controller, a drop-in replacement/upgrade board for United Textile, Talon, Greyhound, and Treasure Chest cranes.  This new robust   architecture has a user-friendly LCD display interface, that simplifies system administration, making it  fast and     simple to configure machines. The highly flexible interface provides the administrator with capability of editing prices, credits, lockouts, winning percentages, claw powers, game settings, and many other previously unavailable options. The on-board accounting system calculates and keeps records of all the system transactions including, coins & bills, service credits, payout rates, play counts, prize counts, and profits. The product incorporates a MP3 quality sound system where files are stored on an industry standard Multimedia Card (MMC/SD), making uploading new melodies as simple as point and click.  

          Established in 2000, Jernie Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing company, emerging into support, parts, and repairs. 













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